Protecting Your Privacy

Marketing Options Inc. absolutely respects your identity, your e-mail address, and your privacy. Many believe WordPress (used on this site) is the most secure blogging software in the world. If you submit a comment, this software generates cookies which will be stored on your computer for your future convenience. When you wish to submit a future comment, your name, email and URL will automatically appear so you do not have to key this information in again. For your protection, a mathematical formula is applied to this information (it’s hashed) to protect it from access by unauthorized parties.

Please understand that our privacy statement does not apply to any links on this site which lead to another company or organization. Although we would hope that such links would only lead to those who share our high regard for your privacy, Marketing Options Inc. cannot take any responsibility for content or privacy practices of others.

Marketing Options Inc. reserves the right to change this privacy statement, however, any such changes will be written into this privacy statement in advance of their implementation. Under no circumstances will Marketing Options Inc. ever share any information about you with another party, including your e-mail address, unless forced to do so by the appropriate law enforcement officials.

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