About Marketing Options

Marketing Options®

Marketing Options (MO) is a registered trademark of Marketing Options Inc. Our incorporated entity side has been around since 1987 as a marketing and management consulting business. Marketing Options® took on a distinct persona when it published a trade magazine under its own name for 16 years. Never a warm and cuddly identity as a magazine, it provided detailed information on new Canadian life insurance products and services to brokers, management, actuaries and underwriters. The personality it did acquire over the years is more a reflection of the superb contributions of its columnists whose combined talents provided expertise in many facets of the financial services industry. (Our “Blogroll” section has the current websites of a few of those past columnists.)

Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson is President of Marketing Options Inc. He has toiled as a marketing and business consultant since 1983 (when he wasn’t editing and publishing the above-mentioned magazine). He has engaged in the mission and search of inspiring strategic plans; the realities and pipe dreams of marketing; the repetitive drudgeries of political fund raising; the finger-crossing uncertainties of public relations assignments (in print, radio and TV); and, more recently, the brave evolving world of business Internet initiatives. Before starting Marketing Options, his last “real” job was Vice President, Marketing, for a major reinsurance company in Canada.

Steve is currently almost retired. He is currently working on one new project, but still has time to be The Ardent Photographer.