Are MACs Losing Their Shine?

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Last week some 600,000 MAC users lost their virginity. The Flashback Trojan has made it glaringly apparent that Apple’s operating systems are not nearly as immune to nasties as many of their aficionados thought. In our innocence and years of hype, we have assumed that there is little need for antivirus software. After all that’s a Windows problem.

Apple was painfully slow issuing a patch and, when it did, it was only for its latest operating systems. The rest of us were left to fend for ourselves. All of which once again brings up that old question in my mind, “Should the next system I buy be MAC or Microsoft?” Many assume that MACs are the cadillac of computers and well they should. Go Apple and you spare no expense. When this writer bought his first MAC tower five years ago, I paid $4500. A good Windows counterpart could be had then for under two grand. A year later for about $1,600 I also paid twice as much, relatively speaking, for an Apple laptop. Continue reading Are MACs Losing Their Shine?