RONR — Needed or Not?

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Does your club need to adopt formal rules of order on how your meetings should be conducted, such as RONR (Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised)? If you watch your government sessions on TV, you might wonder. In Canada, sessions of parliament are chaotic with members yelling out of turn and banging their desks. In South Korea, physical fights and brawls have been known to break out. Fortunately, you can put those images aside — governments tend to adopt their own rules of order and as counter-productive and disgusting as those may be, clubs can do better.

We’ll talk about Robert’s here because the advantage of RONR is that it has been around since 1876, it is comprehensive and, most importantly, ubiquitous. That is, your members are more likely to be running across Robert’s at any other business, charitable or other club meetings they attend. The question here, however, is does your club need to adopt rules of order or not? Continue reading RONR — Needed or Not?