By-Laws — Democratically

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Non-profit, unincorporated clubs writing new by-laws or revising old ones have to make a decision. How democratic should their by-laws be? Some by-laws leave most of the decision-making process affecting the club’s health and prosperity in the hands of a Board of Directors or an Executive Committee. Others provide a more democratic environment for members with inclusions in their by-laws that allow a Director to do their jobs but at the forbearance of the voting membership.

For example, by-laws can allow members to vote a Director out of office. This one appears in an article entitled ‘Board and Directors’ under a ‘Declaring Vacancies’ Section:

Voting Members may by a two-thirds vote at a General Meeting of Members declare a Director’s position vacant: a) if the Director fails to perform the substantial responsibilities of the position or, b) for other cause.” Continue reading By-Laws — Democratically

Don’t Blame Democracy

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How many citizens of Western democratic countries today feel that, although they have a right to vote, the government that gains power after each election never seems to be one that really represents them? Even when their party wins. Promises are broken, priorities change, time passes. As the world grinds on, hope fades. Citizens become cynical, indifferent and wonder whether they should even bother to vote in the next election. They blame the political persuasion of not only the party in power, but also the opposition, depending on their own political philosophies and favourite “ism” (capitalism, socialism, statism, etc.). But they won’t really appreciate what’s happening unless they know the rest of the story.

For greater understanding of the failings of representative government, they could follow the money but they had better keep an eye on the power, too. In their search for truth, they must appreciate a sickness that thrives in most Western countries. This sickness has been around for over a hundred years, but it needs more exposure and discussion. It’s another “ism”. It’s called corporatism and here’s a little 101. Continue reading Don’t Blame Democracy