About the Team

Marketing Options®

Marketing Options is a registered trademark of Marketing Options Inc. This incorporated entity side of our team has been around since 1987 as a marketing and management consulting business. Marketing Options® took on a distinct persona when it published a trade magazine under its own name for 16 years. Never a warm and cuddly identity as a magazine, it provided detailed information on new Canadian life insurance products to brokers, management, actuaries and underwriters. The personality it did acquire over the years is more a reflection of the superb contributions of its columnists whose combined talents provided expertise in many facets of the financial services industry. (Our “Links” section has the current websites of some of those columnists.)

Steve Carlson

The other half of the team is Steve Carlson, President of Marketing Options Inc., who has toiled as a marketing and business consultant since 1983 (when he wasn’t editing and publishing the above-mentioned magazine). He has engaged in the mission and search of inspiring strategic plans; the realities and pipe dreams of marketing; the repetitive drudgeries of political fund raising; the finger-crossing uncertainties of public relations assignments (in print, radio and TV); and, more recently, the brave evolving world of business Internet initiatives. Before starting Marketing Options, his last “real” job was Vice President, Marketing, for a major reinsurance company.

Steve does much of the blogging here, although it’s hard to believe that Marketing Options® will remain too quiet.